Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Communication Anxiety

Communication Anxiety
When you are friends on Facebook with someone you know, but there is some kind of problem communicating. 
How person from the other end can understand there is a problem ? 
Here is how:

 Facebook chat indicates someone’s presents on line, the indicator stays on up to a minute after person leaves the Facebook page. If you log on to Facebook, your presents are indicated to the opposite party (parties) by your name with green dot showing up at the top of the Chat line. So, if opposite party or parties see your presents on line and momentarily leave the Facebook, usually the green dot will disappear and after about a minute there will time indicated on the right, when someone left FB ( in this case one minute) If  it happens every time you log on to Facebook, and the other  person that  you know  goes offline, it means there is a problem of some kind between you  communicating. Just to say it as is: This person does not want to talk to you.

Personally, I hate chat. I do not bother anyone, and do not chat when I am on Facebook, even though I started using Messenger more often lately, but I usually write something and I can get an  answer tomorrow or even later. Yet, it is still interesting. It indicates anxiety or fear of some kind. Fear of a questions that requires attention right away, because you know that he or she is on-line and he or she knows you are on line as well. It's like looking at each other through Luminiferous aether. So, when the message is delivered and cannot be or should not be answered right away, because may there is a consulting or thinking over about answers needed.
Actually, Facebook its not the first. The Russian site Odonklassniki  has same indicator of presents on line, as I remember it goes away right at the time of signing off.

© Alexander ILIN-Bennett 2018

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

This Wall is made

This Wall is made
From dust and blood, broken promises, betrayal and lust
From purest love hijacked and killed by evils design
From lost or found hopes and dream of young and old
From their happy screams and silence full of tears
From smiles of unborn aborted children and their mother’s sadness
From caring father’s struggles and humiliations
From loving wife’s enduring patience

We hoped that Higher Hand will fly us over
The wait was just too long, and now ……
It's just over

© Alexander ILIN-Bennett 2018

Monday, July 30, 2018

Blog re-start

I did not write or post anything for year. The situation with Lovejournal gave an idea to slowly move everything here to Blogger  in English.
Recently I made new friends and re-connected with old ones. I hope they read my blog, slowly overtime they can have answers for some of  their  questions, after I share some of  my experience.